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Course Texts: All students registered for the class will be expected to purchase and read in their entirety all listed course texts. Texts have been ordered and are available in the ATS bookstore. It is suggested that texts be read in the order listed below. At the same time, any text may be read in any order. However, generally speaking course topics will progress according to the suggested reading order. Case, Riley B., Understanding Our United Methodist Hymnal. Bristol Books, 308 East Main Street, Wilmore, KY. Wren, Brian, Praying Twice. John Knox Press. Lockyer, Herbert Jr., All the Music of the Bible. Hendrickson Press. ISBN 1566535310 Clark, Linda J., Music in Churches. Alban Institute Publications. Owens, Bill (Herb Miller, Editor), The Magnetic Music Minister. Abingdon Press, c. 1996. Flather, Doug and Tami., The Praise and Worship Team Instant Tune-Up. Zondervan, Grand Rapids, Michigan. ISBN 0-310-24232-0. Hurst, Lynn, Changing Your Tune! The Musician’s Handbook for Creating Contempory Worship. Abingdon Press. ISBN 0-687-02297-5. Wolf, Garen L., Church Music Matters. Schmul Press, Salem, OH. Costen, Melva Wikson, In Spirit and in Truth. John Knox Press. Students are not required to purchase a copy of The United Methodist Hymnal. However, you will need frequent access to a copy of this hymnal. The 1989 edition will be used very frequently.

Publication Date

January 2006


Asbury Theological Seminary


Fall, MU510, Wilmore



MU 510 Musical Foundations for Pastoral Ministry