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What the Student Needs for This Course: Required “Texts” and Other Items •A CD set (two CDs) which should already be sent to you. Please contact the ExL office immediately if you do not have these CDs. Contact the ExL office (type that in the address line of an email in First Class) if you have any difficulties running these. If you have trouble running the digitized video on the CDs, make sure you have you have Quicktime 6 or higher installed on your computer. It is available on the CDs. When running the CDs, turn up the sound on your computer’s speakers beforehand. The sound quality on some videos is marginal. CD #1 contains the material for Fellowship Methodist Church, which we will call our Touchstone Church. It also contains the materials for module #1 (Christ, the Sacrament of God’s Presence). This church is a semi-fictitious congregation that we will use for assignments and discussion. See below for more information. CD #2 contains the material for modules #2 (Christ’s fundamental ministries), #3 (Discerning the Presence of Christ), and #4 (Further ministries of Christ). Please note that these CDs are the property of the seminary and must be returned at the end of the semester. Copyrighted materials on the CDs are only for your use as a student in this course. They should not be distributed more widely. Please note, too, that the sound quality on some of the video worship segments is not good. Turn up the sound on your computer’s speakers before playing. For the worship service of the Touchstone Church, a complete transcript of the service can be found in the course center in the class folder in First Class. •A book and a course packet bought from the bookstore: The only book to buy is Holy Communion (Abingdon, 2003). (This is a book of prayers, called Great Thanksgivings, for the Lord’s Supper. Note that Holy Communion need not be bought if the United Methodist Book of Worship is already owned.) You should also buy the course packet with additional readings that will be available from the Cokesbury bookstore. •Something to keep as a journal as you devotionally use Charles Wesley’s Hymns for the Nativity of our Lord (available on the course website) and the book entitled Holy Communion. More information on the assignment is given below. •Materials to practice baptism and Communion or to do the alternative exercises if one is not on a track for ordination as an elder/presbyter. To practice baptism and Communion it would be best to do so with some sort of congregation, if at all possible, and in a space regularly used for worship. Baptism must include the baptism of an adult and a child. These exercises (sacramental or not) are to be tape recorded and sent to the professor by standard mail at this address: Asbury Theological Seminary, SPO 937, 204 N. Lexington Ave., Wilmore, KY 40390. More information on this assignment is given below. If at all possible, please send the tapes as standard VHS tapes. Due dates are given below.

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January 2004


Asbury Theological Seminary


ExL, Worship, Fall, WO515



WO 515 Sacramental Theology: Christ in the Church