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4.1 Required material (Please note that where specific pages are indicated you most probably need not buy the book). * Please bring either a Greek New Testament (UBS or Nestle-Aland, ed 27) AND/OR Revised Standard Version (2 ed) to class. ** Books marked with a double asterisk (**) should definitely be bought. • Gospel of John: 1. Barrett, C. K. 1978 The Gospel According to John: An Introduction with Commentary and Notes on the Greek Text. Philadelphia:Westminster. Pages 67-99. 2. Brown, R. E. 1966 The Gospel According to John I-XII. vol. 1 Garden City, NY: Doubleday. Pages LII-LXIV and LXVII-LXXIX. 3. ** Carson, D.A. 1991 The Gospel according to John. Grand Rapids:Eerdmans. (Only on the verses to be considered). 4. ** Culpepper, R.A. 1998 The Gospel and Letters of John. Nashville:Abingdon. Pages 13-73, 87-105. 5. Davies, M. 1992 Rhetoric and reference in the Fourth Gospel. Sheffield:SUP. Pages 119-161. 6. Schnackenburg, R. 1982 The Gospel According to John. Vol 2. New York:Crossroad. Pages 398-410. 7. Smith, D.M. 1995 John. Cambridge:CUP. Pages 139-144. 8. Thompson, M.M 2001 The God of the Gospel of John. Grand Rapids:Eerdmans. Pages 227-240. 9. Van der Watt, J.G. 2000 Family of the King. Dynamics of metaphor in the Gospel according to John. Leiden:Brill. Pages 266-296 and 382- 392. • The Letters of John 1. Culpepper, R.A. 1998 The Gospel and Letters of John. Nashville:Abingdon. Pages 251-283. 2. Van der Watt, J.G. 1999 Ethics in 1 John: a literary and socioscientific perspective CBQ 7, 1-21. • Revelation: 1. ** Bauckham, R. 1993 The theology of the book of Revelation. Cambridge:CUP. Pages 1-108 and 126-143.

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January 2004


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NT 617 Exegesis of Johannine Literature