Russel W. West



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Required Texts for Course (CRIB Notes Due on “Read By” Dates Below) Read By – Sep 12 • Book(s):TheMulticulturalLeader:DevelopingaCatholicPersonality.DanSheffield,ClemmentsPublishing,2005. • Article(s)“BodyRitualsoftheNacerima”and“MindlessnessinAmerica” Read By – Oct 10 • Book(s):LiftingtheWhiteVeil:AnExplorationofWhiteAmericanCultureinaMultiracialContext.JeffHitchcock. Crandall Dostie & Douglass, 2003. • Article(s): “HowIBenefitfromWhitePrivilege,”“JustBeneathMySkin,”“APrayerGodCouldNotAnswer” Read By – Oct 24 • Book(s): Riding The Waves of Culture: Understanding Diversity in Global Business. F. Trompenaars. McGraw-Hill, 1998. • Article(s):“EmicsandEticsofCulturallyImplicitLp.Theories”and“CulturalConstraintsinMgmtTheories” Read By – Nov 10 • Book(s):DividedbyFaith:EvangelicalReligionandtheProblemofRaceinAmerica.M.Emerson,C.Smith.Oxford,2001. • Article(s):“HarderthanAnyoneCanImagine”and“God’sNewCommunity:TheChallengesandHopesfor Multi-racial Churches in America” Read By – Nov 17 • Choose 1 of 4 Options (Graduate Participants) 1. United by Faith: The Multiracial Congregation As an Answer to the Problem of Race DeYoung et al. 2. Marginality: Key to Multicultural Theology J. Y. Lee 3. Grace Matters: A Memoir of Faith, Friendship, and Hope in the Heart of the South, Chris P. Rice 4. Invitation to Lead: Guidance for Emerging Asian American Leaders. Paul Tounaga 5. Living in Color: Embracing God's Passion for Ethnic Diversity. Randy Woodley, John Dawson • Choose 1 of 5: (Doctoral Participants) 1. TheGreatTurning:FromEmpiretoEarthCommunityDavidC. Korten. 2. BasicConceptsinInterculturalCommunication:SelectedReadings Milton Bennett. 3. CulturesInfluenceonBehaviorRichardBrislin. 4. ARaceIsaNiceThingtoHave:AGuidetoBeingaWhite Person or Understanding the White Persons in Your Life Janet E. Helms. Content Communications, 1992 5. TheNacirema:ReadingsonAmericanCultureJamesP Spradley; Michael A Rynkiewich. Publisher: Boston : Little, Brown, 1975. Read By – Nov 28 • Book(s): Robert Fuller, All Rise: Somebodies, Nobodies, and the Politics of Dignity. Berrett-Koehler, 2006. • Article(s): “Why Do You Call Me Lord, Lord?” and “Is a Leader's Character Culture-Bound or Culture- Free?”

Publication Date

January 2006


Asbury Theological Seminary


Fall, CL615, ML715, MC653, Wilmore



CL 615 MS 653 ML 715 Cross Cultural Leadership