Ruth Anne Reese



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Welcome to the spring session of Kingdom, Church, and World. This course is an opportunity to critically examine our presuppositions and commitments regarding the nature of the kingdom of God and its relationship to the church and world. These are three distinct, but intimately related aspects of the reality in which we all live and engage in ministry—whether we are laypersons or clergy—and this class gives us an opportunity to examine and think through them. In this course we will have the opportunity to reflect on a number of questions and issues including: 1. What is the kingdom of God? 2. What is the Church? 3. How does and should the Church engage the world? 4. What do we mean when we speak of “the world?” 5. What relationship exists between the kingdom, the Church, and the world? There will be other questions that you will raise as well. This class is an introduction to various aspects of theology, biblical study, philosophy, anthropology, ecclesiology and mission. The topics that the course can touch upon are vast. In light of this, it is good to remember that this is an introductory course that is designed to give you a taste of the curriculum that lies ahead in theological study.

Publication Date

January 2008


Asbury Theological Seminary


IS501, Christian, Formation:, Kingdom, Church, and, World, FA08



IS 501 Christian Formation: Kingdom, Church, and World