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1. Bettenson, Henry, ed., Documents of the Christian Church (Oxford paperback, l963). This is a record of crucial letters and texts of official church proclamations that shaped the direction of church leadership in the history of the church. 2. Gonzalez, Justo. The Story of Christianity, Vol. 2 (Abingdon paper ed., 1984) A concise, but insightful, analysis of the history of modern Christianity that weaves a narrative which is often compelling for the reader. 3. Gonzalez, Justo. History of Christian Thought, Vol.3 (Abingdon, 1971) An in-depth treatment of theological developments. (abbreviated: HCT) 4. Irvin, Dale, and Sunquist, History of the World Christian Movement, Volume II (New York: Orbis Books, publication in 2003) Kerr, Hugh T., ed., Readings in Christian Thought. (Abingdon paped ed.,1990). A concise collection of selected texts illustrating the style and message of major writers in the history of Christian thought (through the modern era). 5. Rand-McNally Historical Atlas of the World (paperback ed., which give geographical perspective on the global dimensions of modern Christianity).

Publication Date

January 2002


Asbury Theological Seminary


History, O'Malley, Church, July, 2002, CH502



CH 502 Church History II