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1. If you do not have a Mentor, line up one immediately and contact the SMin office. If she/he has not already done so, they should make arrangements for the mentor training session with the SMin office. 2. Work with your Mentor to select a cross-cultural missions ministry placement. Carefully read the section The Cross-cultural Ministry Placement in this document before you choose a ministry sight. Get ready. This is a different type class and a different type ministry setting. You, your mentor, and your local church will be stretched during this semester. Submit your proposed placement site for approval by James Loftin by September 3 This proposal should contain: Name and mailing address of ministry, director’s name and phone number, one paragraph description of how you will be a part of the ministry in keeping with the guidelines set forth in this document. 3. Create your Learning Goals in light of your cross-cultural ministry placement and the tasks listed on the Activity Checklist. 4. Contrary to what your copy of the SMin manual may say, only spend one hour preparing your response to the case studies. A written response to each case study will be due at the beginning of each class session in which there is a case study to be discussed. 5. The required 8 hours of contact time per week is being divided this way: 6 hours at the cross-cultural ministry site, 1 hour with your mentor, and 1 hour in the Reflection Group meeting facilitated by the professor (in addition to the regular meeting requirement). This means that the Reflection Group meeting will last approximately 2 ½ hours each week. 6. Time spent traveling to and from the ministry site does not count toward the 6-hour requirement. 7. This calendar is for planning purposes. We will update it during the Reflection Group. All changes become part of the “official” schedule for which each student is responsible. Please notify the Facilitator ahead of time if you will not be able to complete an assignment by the designated date. 8. Case studies are to be prepared as described in the SMin Manual prescribes. The presenter of a case study will provide the professor and all classmates with copies of his/her case study one week prior to the session in which the discussion is scheduled. 9. The only reading required for this class are: the case studies,

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January 2002


Asbury Theological Seminary


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SM 601, 602, 603 Supervised Ministry Handbook