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September 2010


"All Assam Pastors' Conference. Sponsor: World Vision International. Theme: Mission and Evangelization. Place: Eastern Theological College (E.T.C.), Jorhat. Date: May 7-11, 1979. Chief-speaker: Rev. Dr Sam Kamalesan". ##494-495: Dr. Sam Kamaleson and his main interpreter, Rev. D. Bhuyan. #496: Dr. Kamaleson singing a song before preaching. ##497-498: Clockwise from top left: Rev. W. Newell (left) with interpreter Rev. G. Borab (right). #499: Left to right: Mr. J. Richards, Rev. W. Newell, Rev Dr. Kamaleson. #500: Dr. Kamelson sings. #501: Dr Kamelson (right) with interpreter Mr. Basumateri. #502: Mr Richard of EFI. #503: AAPC Executive Committee with members of World Vision. ##504-505: AAPC Executive Committee. #506: Clockwise from top left: Chairperson: Miss Lydia Singha (left) Organist: Mr B. Momin (right). #507: A discussion group. #513: Left to right: Rev. Dr. A. Behera (Coordinator) and Rev. D. Bhuyan (Joint Coordinator). #514: Left to right: Rev. D. Bhuyan and Rev. Dr. A. Behera at work. #515: Left toright: Rev. D. Bhuyan and Rev. Dr. A. Behera at work.




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