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August 2010


Maharashtra Pastors Conference, Sponsored by World Vision, January 23-27, 1978, Pune, India. The following photographs are by S. S. Poddar: ##273, 274, 277, 278, 279, 280, 282, and 285. #257: Platform participants. Second from left is Bhasker Sojwal. #258: Congregation. #259: Left to right: J. Edwin Orr, Ted Engstrom, Samuel Kamaleson. #273: Left to right: ?, Niranjan James (World Vision), and ?. #274: Unidentified man being robed with a shawl. #277: Left to right: Kattaruram, ?, and ?. #278: unidentified woman. #279: Kattaruram of World Vision talking to unidentified man. #280: Unidentifed men in a class. #282: James Antram (Executive Assistant to Sam Kamaleson) and Ted Engstrom toalking to one another. #284: Group of unidentified men. #285: Left to right: ? Mr. Greer, Ted Engstrom, ?, and Sam Kamaleson. #286: Left to right: Sam Kamaleson, J. Edwin Orr, and Ted Engstrom in food line. #287: Left to right: Ted Engstrom and James Antram in food line. #290: Left to right: Ted Engstrom, Sam Kamaleson, and Principal Cherian at a table. #291: Audience. #292: Left to right: Principal Cherian, Ted Engstrom, and Sam Kamaleson. #299: Group photograph of participants.




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