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August 2010


Maharathra Pastors' Conference Sponsored by World Vision, January 23-27, 1978. Pune, Maharathra, India. #066: Bishop I. P. Andrews (bishop of Church of North India) - opening session. #067: Right to Left: Dr. Cherian, Rev. Rahator, Bishop I. P. Andrews, Rev. B. L. Sojwal. #069: Left to right: J. Edwin Orr (Irish evangelist who was an expert of revivals), Dr. Ted Engstrom, and Dr. Sam Kamaleson. #070: Bishop I. P. Andrews (bishop of Church of North India). #071: Rev. B. L. Sojwal. #072: Dr. J. Edwin Orr and Dr. Ted Engstrom. #073: Dr. Ted Engstrom. #074: Dr. Sam Kamaleson with interpreter. #076: Left to right: a pastor garlanding a minister from the State (Minister of Social Welfare, Maharashtra State). #077: Minister of Social Welfare, Maharashtra State. #079: Rev. Rahator. #080: Dr. J. Edwin Orr. #082: Rev. V. Gaekwad leads in singing. #083: Unidentified speaker and translator. #084: Rev. Adams, Rev. James (who worked for World Vision) and Rev. Onawale. #088: Left to right: Sam Kamaleson, Principal Cherian, and J. Edwin Orr (fourth person unidentified). #098: Left to right: Rev. Greer (with white hair), a Nazarene Missionary in India; Ted Engstrom; Dr. Cherian; and Dr. Kamaleson.




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