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August 2010


Karala Pastors' Conference, November 14-18, 1994. Karala, India. #040: Adela Kamaleson pointing to shrimp on ice. #041: Sam Kamaleson. Rev. N. M. Cherian interpreting. #042: Dr. Kamaleson and Rev. Lee Bedford among audience while Dr. ___ Moudgill speaks. #043: Members of the Executive Committee, including Lee Bedford, Sam Kamaleson, Right Rev. Geevarghese Mar Athanasius, Pharein Moudgill, and Rev. K. M. James. #044: Rev. K. M. James garlanding Sam Kamaleson while Rt. Rev. Geevarghese Mar Athanasius (Chairman) is standing by. ##045-046: Birthday celebration. Sam Kamaleson (l) and Cherian (r) cutting cake. #047: Birthday celebration. Sam Kamaleson with garland. #048: Shrimp. #049: Dr. Kamaleson, Dr. Pharein Moudgill and Bishop Athanasius among delegates while Rev. Lee Bedford speaks. #050: Birthday celebration. Sam Kamaleson cutting cake while Cherian looks on. #051: Dr. Pharein Moudgill (r) giving birthday felicitations and Sam Kamaleson (l). #052: Left to right: Sampath Kumar (Bishop of Methodist Church), Sam Kamaleson, and Kurvilla Chandy. #053: Kuruvilla Chandy with bike and Chandy's daughter driving Sam Kamaleson on Bike in front of Lal bagh parsonage, Lucknow, India. Pastor's Conference in Lal Bagh Methodist Church. #054: Left to right: Professor Steve Martyn, Lawrence ___ (World Vision employee), and Sam Kamaleson in Danishpet, India. #055: Sam Kamaleson (in blue shirt with back to camera) at shrimp processing plant. #056: Processing of shrimp. #057: Adela and Sam Kamaleson on west coast of India at Arabian Sea. #058: Arabian Sea, west coast of India.




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