Church growth, Evangelism, American Churches


A short review of each of the twenty-seven books by Gary L. McIntosh traces the development of the author’s thought up to his latest release in January 2023. This review demonstrates that McIntosh’s passion is to see churches and Christian leaders apply classical biblical church growth principles in their ministry contexts. His passion for reaching and assimilating new people, and for developing Christian leaders to carry out Christ’s Great Commission with a Great Commandment passion permeates each book. The breadth and depth of his knowledge are demonstrated in his many volumes with little overlap in their subject matter. His works demonstrate clarity, preciseness, and practicality for those in ministry. All are well-researched and documented for accuracy. To my knowledge, no one alive possesses as much experience working with multiple Christian ministries (over eighty denominations and over twelve hundred local churches) as Gary McIntosh. He shares this knowledge freely in his books.