American Churches, Ministry, Practical Theology, Evangelism, Youth Work, Ministry to Young Adults, Church Growth, Church Decline


The data behind the study The Top Ten Challenges Facing Churches (Moody, 2023) is presented and analyzed with a focus on differences between growing churches and non-growing churches. Church leaders (N = 129) indicated how difficult they believed it would be for North American churches to overcome 50 potential challenges. For most challenges, no significant difference between the church leaders from growing and non-growing churches was detected. However, church leaders from non-growing churches viewed 1) attractiveness of programs, 2) retaining young adults, 3) youth programs, 4) small group participation, and 5) effective strategy as more difficult challenges to overcome than leaders from growing churches. Church leaders from growing churches viewed church conflict as a greater challenge than leaders from non-growing churches. An analysis of these differences provides insights for addressing these challenges.