Article Title

Gerontic Evangelism


Seniors, Evangelism, Church, Communication


Gerontic Evangelism focuses on sharing the gospel with senior adults. Many evangelism ministries are focusing on children, youth, women, and other adult members of society, but few focus on the elderly. Senior adults in most cases are not seen as a peculiar group that needs to be strategically reached with the gospel. Their importance in society and their growing population worldwide should attract the attention of evangelists and missionaries to target them as a special group for gospel witness. This paper argues that winning the senior adults to Christ is a necessity and may open doors for the evangelization and even the conversion of family members and members of the wider community. This research used participant observation and informal discussions to gather the data for this paper. This paper has the goal of calling the attention of the church and evangelistic organizations to see the need to have a focused evangelistic ministry to senior adults.