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Visionary Differences


Organizational vision is nearly universally accepted as being critically important to a church in any stage of growth or decline. Church plants and church revitalization efforts depend on organizational vision because it provides focus and direction. Organizational vision is also important because it inspires people to participate. Successful church planters and church revitalization leaders excel at casting vision. While church plants and church revitalizations have similarities, leading one is significantly different from leading the other. Likewise, organizational vision is different between a church plant and a church revitalization. This article analyzes the differences between an organizational vision for a church plant and a church revitalization. To accomplish this analysis, provision of a proper definition for organizational vision is central to the task. After a definition and biblical examples of organizational vision are given, methods of how to obtain and cast a vision are discussed. Next, this article shows the benefits that organizational vision has for both church plants and church revitalization efforts. Finally, the differences between the organizational visions for church plants and church revitalizations are analyzed.