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The Joireman collection is a list of bibliographic resources gathered by political scientists to examine the relationship between religion and politics as seen from within several Christian traditions: Evangelical, Pentecostals, Anglican, Reformed, Lutheran, and Roman Catholic. The list comes from the book Church, State, and Citizen: Christian Approaches to Political Engagement edited and contributed by Sandra F. Joireman.

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Church, State, Citizen, Joireman, Politics, The Church and Politics, Adedrian, Biodun, The Anglican Church in Nigeria, Akinyele, Omoyajowo, Akinyele Omoyajowo, Lagos, Akinola, Peter, Message to the Church and Nation Arising from the Political Awareness Seminar, Anglican, Communion, Anglican Communion, Nigeria,, Backus, Isaac, William Gerald McLoughlin, Isaac Bachus on Church state and calvinism, pamphlets, calvinism, Belknap of Harvard, Martin Luther, Luther, Martin, philip Broadhead, The political thought of martin luther, Budziszewski, David Weeks, Evangelicals in the public square, four formative voices on political thought and action, cross, John Howard Yoder, Craig Carter, The politics of the cross the theology and social ethics of john howard yoder, richard carwardine, evangelicals and politics in antebellum america, america, politics, transatlantic revivalism popular evangelicalism in britain and america, britain, america, jose casanova, public religions in the modern world, edward cleary, hannah W. stewart-Gambino, power politics and pentecostals in Latin America, Timothy J. Steigenga, Resurgent voices in Latin america indigenous peoples political mobilization and religious change, peter cornwell, the church of england and the state changing constitutional links in historical perspective, in church and politics today, the role of the church of england in contemporary politics, ed. t. clark, michael cromartie, a public faith evangelicals and civic engagement, ed dobson, richard john neuhaus, the bible politics and democracy, essays, stephen, ellis, worlds of power religious thought and political practice in africa, paul freston, evangelicals and politics in africa asia and latin america, william graham, the constructive revolutionary john calvin and his socio-economic impact, james l guth, john clifford green, the bible and the ballot box religion and politics in the 1988 election, allen hertzke, allen d. hertzke, freeing God's children the unlikely alliance for global human rights, boyd hilton, the age of atonement the influence of evangelicalism on social and economic thought, ted jelen, ted g. jelen, religion and political behavior in the united states, theodore jennings, theodore w. jennings, good news to the poor john wesley's evangelical economics, human beings, john b. judis, judis, the chosen nation the influence of religion on u.s. foreign policy,, martin luther, jene m. porter, jene porter, Luther selected political writings, paul marshall, paul a. marshall, God and the constitution christianity and american politics, david martin, pentecostalism the world their parish, michael mcconnell, five reasons to reject the claim that religious arguments should be excluded from democratic deliberation, utah law review, Jeremy Morris, The future and state of the church and state, Anglicanism: The answer to modernity, duncan J. Dormor, Jack McDonald, Jeremy Caddick, London continuum, George moyser, church and politics today: essays on the role of the church of England in contemporary politics, church of england, reinhold niebuhr, niebuhr, why the christian church is not pacifist, pacivism, southern christian movement, mark noll, america's God with or against the world? America's role amongst the nations, U.s. relations, James Skillen, James W. Skillen, George Rawlyk, Amazing Grace Evanglecialism in australia, britain, canada, and the united states, john harold redekop, john redekop, politics under God, ronald J. Sider, ron sider, ronald sider, diane knippers, toward an evangelical public policy: political strategies for the health of the nation, corwin e. smidt, lyman a. kellstedt, james l. guth, lyman kellstedt, james guth, corwin smidt, the oxford handbook of religion and american politics, corwin smidt, praise the lord politics: a comparative analysis of the social characteristics and political views of american and evangelical christians, sociological analysis 50 53-72, christian thomasius, ian hunter, thomas ahnert, frank frunert, essays on church state and politics, indianapolis, liberty fund, waring, luther hess waring, luther waring, the political theories of Martin Luther, philip wogaman, philip J. wogaman, christian perspectives on politics, protestant faith and religious liberty, john howard yoder, the christian witness ot the state, young white evangelicals less republican still conservative, pew research center


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The Joireman Collection