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This dissertation constructs a new theology of religions, naming it a confessionist dialogue. By examining the traditional and contemporary religious atmosphere of Korea, I demonstrate how Korean Christians have often had an anti-relational attitude toward other religions, which caused religious conflicts and created anti-social expression in Korea. I also show that only a few religious pluralists have engaged in an active dialogue with other religions in Korea. By survey research, I found that the majority of Korean Christians have acknowledged the necessity of relationship with other religions, but they have a fear of religious pluralism, which makes them hesitant to meet with other religious people. For those Christians, this new theology has a purpose to lead them to a place of relationship with other religious people, while maintaining the essence of Christianity.

I build theology of confessionist dialogue based on the traditions of confessional, evangelical and narrative theology. It is a middle way that opens toward religious interaction by surmounting anti-relational exclusivity and also faithful to historic Christian affirmations. It is an answer to the religiously pluralistic world by emphasizing tradition, community and presuppositions in the dialogue. The theology of confessionist dialogue can be expressed by five crucial points: identity, incarnation, story-telling, social work and Gospel sharing.

I found that in the religious encounter, the stories and the events of history can become those of today. This event reveals both continuity and discontinuity between their stories and leads to a creative tension. This creative tension helps a participant to encounter truth and realize that he/she is at the place of decision. In addition to the theological dimension, the theology of confessionist dialogue needs to be developed in a practical field with gradual steps as a new theological paradigm for religious relationships.




Thesis (Ph. D.), 2011

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Terry Muck


2011, Ph., D., 773190760, Christianity, other, Religions, South, Korea, Theology, Religious, Pluralism


Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion


Thesis (Ph. D.)--Asbury Theological Seminary, 2011.


Includes bibliographical references (leaves 178-192).

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Theology of Confessionist Dialogue: A Theology of Religions in the Religious Situation in Korea