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W. Page Roberts


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"The words Liberal and Liberalism at once arouse a spirit of mistrust in many minds, which become unsympathetic, irreceptive, and resentful. Even those who appropriate these words in politics are less ready to adopt them in religion. Indeed, it seems as though men had but a strictly limited quantity of mental motor energy, and that those who expend it in one kind of movement have none left for any other. Certainly the sects which are supposed to be the backbone of political Liberalism are the most obstinately immoveable in religion; and men ever ready to catch the first breeze impelling to political change have remained stolid as stone to the impulses of spiritual progress. Like Lot's wife, their eyes are fixed on the past, and they cannot stir. But the title I have given to these Sermons carries with it no political connotation."

Publication Date

October 2011


religion, depression, salvation, need, liberalism, spiritual, commonplace, means, God, belief


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Liberalism in Religion and Other Sermons