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November 2009


Inauguration service in Estes Chapel for President Timothy Tennent, eighth president of Asbury Theological Seminary. Photographs of the Tennent family. D027: Julie Tennent standing in audience during introduction (3872x2592). D028: Tennents seated in audience, left to right: Dr. Tennent's mother (Jacqueline Tennent), Bethany Tennent, Julie Tennent (3872x2592). D029-D031: Tennent family seated in audience. Tennent family in audience. Family includes wife, Julie (not in the frame); daughter, Bethany; Mother, Jacqueline; and Thomas and Leonie Tennent (breother and wife); and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tennent (brother and wife) and niece Carly Tennent. Not pictured are Marsha Lance and Branda Myers (Julie Tennent's sisters). (3872x2592). D143: Julie Tennent standing in audience during introduction (3229x2153). Julie Tennent taking photograph from audience (3286x2191). D287: Julie Tennent standing in audience (2606x3909). D288: Julie Tennent standing in audience (2445x3668). D300: Tennent family seated in audience, clapping (3533x2355). D313: Julie Tennent in audience (2451x3676).


President Timothy Tennent;D027-D031; D143; D277; D287-D288; D300; D313


President, Timothy, ATS, Eighth, eighth, inauguration, Seminary, Theological, Asbury, Bethany, Julie, Tennent, 8th