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November 2009


Inauguration service in Estes Chapel for President Timothy Tennent, eighth president of Asbury Theological Seminary. Photographs of the congregation gathered in Estes Chapel before the inaugural ceremony. D002: Congregation in Estes Chapel (3872x2592). D135: people talking in Estes Chapel (3251x2167). D136: Dr. Albin Witworth and Dr. Bill Goold talking in Estes Chapel (3371x2247). D137: people talking, including Maxie Dunnam (3360x2240). D138: people gathering in Estes Chapel (3298x2199). D164: people talking in Estes Chapel. Left to right: Julie Tennent, ____, Bethany Tennenet (back to camera), and ____(3571x2381). D165: people talking in chapel (2593x1729). D166: people talking in chapel (3296x2197). D167: people talking in chapel (2484x1656). D168: people talking in chapel (3190x2127). D169: people talking in chapel. Includes Maxie Dunnam and wife (3558x2372). D248: Congregation in Estes Chapel (3424x2283). D252: Congregation in Estes Chapel (3255x2170). D253: 3 unidentified individuals (3483x3483). D254: 2 women hugging (2712x1808). D255: Congregation in Estes Chapel (2666x1777). D256: Congregation - unidentified woman and man (3298x2199). D257: congregation - Dr. Tennent's mother and Bethany Tennent (3470x2313). D258 : Congregation in Estes Chapel (3679x2453). D259: Congregation in Estes Chapel (3271x2181).


President Timothy Tennent;D002; D135-D138; D164-D169; D248; D252-D259


President, Timothy, ATS, Eighth, eighth, Seminary, Theological, Asbury, Tennent, Congregation, Inauguration, 8th