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From the Editor, Robert Danielson

The Practical Theology of the General Rules Andrew C. Thompson

Historical Support for Early Methodist Views of Water and Spirit Baptism Joseph D. McPherson

Understanding Christian Perfection and its Struggle with Antinomianism Victoria L. Campbell

Vulnerability and Empowerment in Crossing Frontiers: A Christian Theology of Mission Lalsangkima Pachuau

Life in the Spirit: An Overview of Lesslie Newbigin’s Pneumatology of Mission Rob Hughes

The Significance of Pentateuchal Tithing as a Legal Instruction for the 21st Century Reader Miracle Ajah

Chronicles as Revisionist Religious History Moshe Reiss and David J. Zucker

Local Residents’ Responses to Tourism as a Framework to Understand Hosts’ Responses to Short-Term Missions Jeremy Griffin

From the Archives: Methodist Camp Meetings and Revival

Special Book Review Essay by Aaron Perry

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