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Biblical Perspectives on Torture: War Crimes, the Limits of Retaliation, and the Roman Cross
Bill T Arnold

Heard Any Good Sermons on Torture Lately?
Michael Pasquarello III

Augustine's Interpretation of Romans 7:14-25, His Ordo Salutis and His Consistent Belief in a Christian's Victory Over Sin
Christopher T Bounds

Consolation as Theme in Luther's Sermons and Correspondence: Insights Into His Theological Ethics Robert H. Cubillos

The Wicked Wealthy in Isaiah 53:9
W. Creighton Marlowe

Review Essay – The Church and Postmodern Culture Series Aaron Perry

Review Essay – The Life of Christ Webster C. Muck

Book Notes
In God's Image: The Metaculture of Fijian Christianity
Reviewed by Michael Rynkiewich

The Manuscript Journal of the Reverend Charles Wesley, M A . Vols. 1,2 The Life and Hymns of Charles Wesley
Reviewed by Kenneth J. Collins

The World Missionary Conference, Edinburgh 1910
Reviewed by Marcella Hoesl

Wesley & Methodist Studies, Volume 1
Reviewed by Howard A. Snyder

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