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Introduction: This bibliography highlights critical pieces of work that integrate religion and aid and others that profile faith-based initiative of foreign assistance.

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Religion, Aid, Faith, Based, Assistance, Faith-based aid, evangelical, advocacy, global, poverty, Sabina alkire, Edmund newell, what can one person do? Faith to heal a broken world, brokenness, Erica Bornstein, the spirit of development: protestant NGOs morality and economics in Zimbabwe, Gerard Clarke, agents of transformation? Donors faith-based organizations and international development, steve Corbett, brian fikkert, john perkins, when helping hurts: alleviating poverty without hurting the poor…and ourselves, gerrie ter haar, religion and development: ways of transforming the world, Malcolm harper, rao, ashis kumar sahu, development divinity and dharma: the role of religion in development institutions and microfinance, john b. hayes, Jeffrey Haynes, religion and development: conflict or cooperation?, Ronald hoksbergen, Lowell m. ewert, local ownership global change: will civil society save the world?, Robert d. lupton, compassion justice and the Christian life: rethinking ministry to the poor, Katherine marshall, lucy keough, finding global balance: common grounds between the worlds of development and faith, marisa van saanen, development and faith: where mind heart and soul work together, Bryant l. myers, walking with the poor: principles and practices of transformational development, john perkins, beyond charity: the call to Christian community development, Amy L. Sherman, preferential option: A Christian and neoliberal strategy for Latin America’s poor, Ronald sider, sider, Ronald, john, perkins, wayne Gordon, tizon, linking arms linking lives: how urban-suburban partnerships can transform communities, Michael taylor, not angels but agencies: The ecumenical response to poverty- A primer, wendy Tyndale, visions of development: faith-based initiatives, Richard Yoder, development to a different drummer: Anabaptist/Mennonite experiences and perspectives

Faith-Based Aid