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  • From the Editor, Robert Danielson


  • Inductive Biblical Study: History, Character, and Prospects in a Global Environment, David R. Bauer
  • A Faculty Member’s Response to David Bauer’s Article, Ruth Anne Reese
  • Inductive Bible Study: Contextual Appropriation in Northeast India, M. Sashi Jamir
  • Colonialism and Post-Colonialism in the Philippine Chinese Context: How IBS Can be a Liberating Methodology to Find the Truth to be Set Free, Juliet Lee Uytanlet
  • Of Icons and IBS: Contextualizing the Inductive Bible Study Method Among Eastern Orthodox Background Believers, Curtis Elliott
  • Contextualizing Inductive Bible Study (IBS) in a Postcolonial Filipino American Setting, Peter Tan-Gatue
  • Ships of the Fleet: An Essay on the Weltanschauung of the Apostolate and the Mission of the Spirit, Art McPhee
  • Engaging Witchcraft Accusations among Christians as a Vehicle of African Traditional Religious Self-Advocacy in African Contexts, Robert Magoola
  • John Wesley’s Approach to Mission, R. Jeffrey Hiatt
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